Black Lives Matter Twin Cities

Black Lives Matter Twin Cities is an umbrella organization that creates space for conversation around Black lives.  BLM Twin Cities believes the true change is going to happen when youth voice is elevated.  We have worked to mobilize coordinators in several communities throughout the Twin Cities and several sundown towns (suburbs).

We were recently founded in March 2017, but grew out of the movement of black lives matter St. Paul.  Several core organizers have been involved in organizing and mobilizing since Trayvon Martin was murdered and participated in the first BLM rally  that took place at U of M.

Although our protests seems to be directed at individuals we want to be clear that it is not the individual that is our enemy, it is the system that they uphold.  The anger and emotion that comes out looking as “hate” is not directed at the individual but at the racist system that keeps us stuck in this oppressive state.

Although Police brutality remains at the front of our fight for freedom, BLM Twin Cities addresses other issues that continue to keep Black folks in their oppressive state.  Such as Housing, Education, Child Protection, Economics, and Health.  We plan to address and hold every elected official accountable to prevent “business as usual”!


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